Latest News: Fat Cat Releases New Sauce – Cat in Heat

Posted by on November 19, 2012

Fat Cat Foods announces the release of its newest product, “Cat in Heat.”

This smoky, sultry, Spanish Creole-inspired concoction boasts a fiery blend of roasted tomatoes, roasted red peppers, chipotle peppers, habanero peppers, ghost peppers and more. Simultaneously rich, smoky, full-bodied and tangy, the sauce carries a complex combination of flavors, as well as an ever-increasing heat quotient that lingers long in the mouth. Fat Cat considers this sauce to be the spiciest in its line, with a heat rating of 10 (out of 10).

Cat in Heat‘s bold flavor profile makes it versatile for a variety of culinary uses, from a simple sandwich, burger and pizza topper to a punchy addition to soups, stews and chili, to name but a few. It also makes for a terrific alternative to the popular Asian condiment Sriracha, a unique flavor component to BBQ sauces and gravies, a delicious marinade for grilled meats and vegetables, and a flavor-packed base for super-spicy, super-flavorful chicken wings.

For more information on “Cat in Heat,” including nutritional information, complete list of ingredients and ordering information, please visit Fat Cat’s Products page.