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- Main Dishes, - Papaya Pequin Passion -

Fat Cat Papaya Pequin Passion's blend of fresh fruit, tropical spices and tingly back heat matches terrifically with seafood, particularly white fish like cod, halibut, pollack, flounder and the like. For example, check out this quick-but-elegant dinner plate: Ingredients:1/2 lb. of thin white fish fillets, like flounder or pollack (we used two frozen flounder fillets here, thawed, each about 1/4-inch thick)1/4 cup all-purpose flour1 tablespoon of salt1 teaspoon of ground black pepper1/2 teaspoon of paprika3 oz. Fat Cat Papaya Pequin Passion2 tablespoons vegetable oil or canola oilDash of parsley for decorationInstructions:Mix the salt, pepper, paprika and flour together in a...

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- Main Dishes, - Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Ghost -

Use our Fat Cat Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Ghost Tex-Mex Hot Sauce and Marinade both as a quick marinade and as a condiment in this recipe. The whole thing can be done in about 20 minutes and requires little prep work and effort — purr-fect after a long day at work. Ingredients:1 lb. boneless chicken thighs or chicken breast1 bottle Fat Cat Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Ghost Tex-Mex Hot Sauce and Marinade1/4 cup chopped onion2 cloves of garlic, chopped1/2 lime, cut into segments for squeezing1 tbsp vegetable oil12 corn or flour tortillassalt to tasteInstructions:Slice chicken into 1/2-inch cubes and toss in bowl...

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