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As with many dishes involving lean proteins, we’ve opted to brine the pork here (you can use turkey or chicken too) to ensure our pork remains moist after cooking and also to impart flavor into the meat -- specifically Fat Cat Mexican-Style Habanero Hot Sauce, which adds some pleasing habanero heat to the meat as well as an underlying flavor of its base chile. Ingredients:For the brine:1 quart of water1/4 cup salt1/4 cup sugar3 tablespoons Fat Cat Mexican-Style Habanero Hot SauceFor the sandwich:1/2 lb pork chop, preferably the loin cut2 eggs1 cup unseasoned bread crumbs4 potato rolls or hamburger rolls1...

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Simple to make and full of satisfying flavor and spice, this punchy party plate makes a great pass-around appetizer or a wonderful light meal when served alongside rice and beans or sauteed veggies. Ingredients:4 tablespoons lime juice4 tablespoons tequila2-4 tablespoons Fat Cat Mexican-Style Habanero Hot Sauce (depending on desired spice level)2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil¼ teaspoon chili powder½ teaspoon salt1 tablespoon cilantro chopped1 pound peeled and deveined shrimpInstructions:Whisk together all ingredients except shrimp in a bowl, starting with 2 tablespoons of Fat Cat Mexican-Style Habanero Hot Sauce, and taste the marinade. At this point, if you want to add...

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