9 Bottle Hot Sauce Sampler Bundle and Variety Pack

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9 Bottle Hot Sauce Sampler Gift Set Variety Pack

Looking for some variety in your life, at least when it comes to hot sauce? Then this is the sampler for you.

It includes the following 9 varieties of our sauces for you to try:

  • Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Ghost: Text-Mex Hot Sauce and Marinade (HEAT LEVEL: Mild)
  • Papaya Pequin Passion (HEAT LEVEL: Mild)
  • Strawberry Serrano Hot Sauce (HEAT LEVEL: Mild)
  • Peach Maple Bourbon Hot Sauce and Glaze (HEAT LEVEL: Mild/Medium)
  • Purry-Purry Sauce (HEAT LEVEL: Medium)
  • Mexican-Style Habanero (HEAT LEVEL: Hot)
  • Caribbean Curry Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce (HEAT LEVEL: Hot)
  • Cat in Heat: Chipotle-Ghost Pepper Blend (HEAT LEVEL: Very Hot)
  • Chairman Meow's Revenge: Scorpion Pepper Sauce (HEAT LEVEL: Very Hot)

Note: If you want to include a different bottle than what's listed above, or want to double up on a specific product, just send us a note about the order during checkout.