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Dip into deliciousness with this curated selection of 3 handcrafted hot sauces, guaranteed to ignite your next gathering! It's a must get for your next pot luck, party, game-watch or tailgate.

These bold sauces aren't just for wings and tacos – they're flavor powerhouses and delicious dipping sauces, ready to transform ordinary dips into fiery fiestas!

This three-bottle set includes one of the following, as well as printed recipes for some crowd-pleasing dips that use them:

This gift box isn't just hot – it's thoughtful and filled with delicious possibilities.

Ready to set your party on fire? Grab this Hot Sauce Trio and get dippin'!

P.S. Don't forget the chips!


In addition to the recipes below, try mixing these sauces into sour cream, mayo, guac, queso, mayo and more. While specific in flavor, they are also quite versatile and have been made to enhance the taste of any dish, not just add heat.


Looking to do more with these sauces than just using them for dips? Here are some other options:

Grilled Meat Marinade: Use as a base for marinating meats before grilling. Remember that you only need about 1 tsp per serving to start, otherwise the intense flavors might take over the meat's natural taste.

Spicy Pizza Drizzle: Add a few drops onto your pizza before or after baking to enhance the overall flavor profile or provide a spicy contrast to the cheesy goodness.

Spicy Cocktail Enhancer: Experiment with adding a dash or two into your next Bloody Mary, margarita, or a spicy twist on a classic cocktail.

Savory Soups and Stews: Enhance the depth of flavor in soups and stews with a few drops or more.

Remember to start with a small amount of hot sauce and adjust to taste, as the intensity can vary between different sauces -- and of course heat is subjective so each person is different.

Party Dip Trio Hot Sauce Gift Box