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The Florida Strawberry Festival, held each year in Plant City, inspired this sweet-heat fruit-and-chili combination, which features a unique blend of sun-ripened strawberries and spicy serrano peppers.

Named by CNN as one of the "Best Hot Sauces You Can Buy Online"

Named by "Good Mythical Morning" as the "Best Fruit Hot Sauce"

BOTTLE SIZE: 5 FL OZ Glass Bottle

STORAGE INFORMATION: Refrigerate after opening

ABOUT: Fat Cat’s award-winning sauces focus on that magical middle ground where flavor and fire meet. They feature exotic flavor combinations, all-natural ingredients and heat levels ranging from mild to super-hot. They are "purr-fect" for grilling, marinating, dipping and more. Many products have also won nationally recognized awards, including the Golden Chile and the Hot Pepper, to name a few.

Tasting Notes

Starts sweet and jammy, with ripe strawberries taking center stage, before giving way slightly to a grassy serrano flavor and a late-blooming but soft chili pepper burn.

Suggested Uses & Recipes


  • Great as an exotic finishing sauce for grilled meats and poultry
  • Makes a a flavorful addition to cheese courses
  • A one-of-a-kind topping for cheesecake, ice cream or yogurt
  • A unique replacement for sweet Thai chili dipping sauce for egg rolls, fried shrimp and more.


Heat Level


SCOVILLE HEAT UNIT RANGE (ESTIMATED): 1,000-3,000 SHU (dependent on harvests)


Strawberries, Cane Sugar, Vinegar, Pineapple Juice (Water, Concentrated Pineapple Juice, Ascorbic Acid), Serrano Pepper Mash (Serrano Peppers, Salt), Onions, Lime Juice from concentrate, Water, Garlic (Garlic, Water), Salt

A gluten-free product made with all-natural ingredients.

Who Is This For?

  • Fruit-Infused Sauce Enthusiasts: Perfect for individuals who enjoy the fusion of sweet and heat in their sauces, offering a delightful blend of strawberry sweetness and serrano pepper spiciness.
  • Creative Cooks and Food Experimenters: Ideal for home chefs and culinary adventurers eager to incorporate unique flavors into their dishes, adding a sweet and spicy twist to various recipes, from marinades to desserts.
  • Gifters Seeking Unique Flavors: Great for those looking to gift friends, family, or colleagues a distinctive and flavorful present, providing an intriguing sauce that stands out with its fruity and spicy combination.
  • Mild Heat Seekers with a Sweet Tooth: Perfect for individuals who prefer mild heat levels but love a touch of sweetness in their sauces, catering to those who enjoy a nuanced balance between fruity flavors and subtle spiciness.
  • Sauce Collectors Exploring Diverse Flavors: Ideal for hot sauce collectors seeking diverse flavor profiles, adding a unique strawberry-serrano blend to their collection for a distinct and memorable addition.
Strawberry Serrano Hot Sauce
  • Multi-bottle: 1 bottle

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bailey Boaz
The best sauce I’ve had in my entire life

It’s so versatile, but it’s the absolute best for game day wings. Otherwise I’m pretty much speechless


One of the best hot sauces I have ever had!! It is so deliciously smooth, with a sweet heat kick. I got my order in the mail and they even included a hand-written note and a free extra bottle!! Will definitely be ordering more from this company, I want to try all they have to offer! Plus the cat logo is adorable.

Versitile sweet and savory heat

Awesome pronounced strawberry flavor on its own, yet subtle fruity addition to almost any dish. It is even good on eggs. The mild heat amplifies the fruity sweet and savory flavors. Mix it in burgers with or without vanilla to enhance the beef flavor with a hint of sweet craving that leaves people wondering why they are so good.

Strawberry chilli heat heaven

I emptied this bottle rather fast, as taste is sweet, fruity and subtle with just a nice subtle heat level. Great with B-B-Q meats, Salami, Cheeses, in Soups or Casseroles, add to your favourite salad dip to add some zest and zing, or even drizzle on fruit to make tastier. Delicious 😋