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Our Bacon-Flavored Sriracha® blends the garlicky-peppery punch of the classic Thai-inspired hot sauce with the savory, salty succulence of roasty-toasty bacon. Plus it's preservative-free and vegan (yes, Vegan). What could be better?

Bottle Size: 12 FL OZ  glass bottle

STORAGE INFORMATION: Refrigerate after opening

ABOUT: Fat Cat’s award-winning sauces focus on that magical middle ground where flavor and fire meet. They feature exotic flavor combinations, all-natural ingredients and heat levels ranging from mild to super-hot. They are "purr-fect" for grilling, marinating, dipping and more. Many products have also won nationally recognized awards, including the Golden Chile and the Hot Pepper, to name a few.

Tasting Notes

At once smooth, sweet and garlicky, with a punch of red chilies and a smoky undercurrent that stays in the mouth from start to finish. Think spicy ketchup with a smoky undertone. It’s the ideal American condiment!

Suggested Uses & Recipes


  • Use anywhere you might use ketchup
  • Perfect with burgers, fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, soups, wings, subs and more
  • Terrific with breakfast foods, especially on breakfast sandwiches and egg dishes


Heat Level


SCOVILLE HEAT UNIT RANGE (ESTIMATED): 3000-7000 SHU (dependent on harvests)


Vinegar, Serrano Pepper Mash (Serrano Peppers, Salt), Red Bell Peppers, Roasted Red Peppers (Roasted Peppers, Water, Salt, Citric Acid), Cane Sugar, Garlic (Garlic, Water), Natural Bacon Flavoring, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum

A gluten-free, preservative-free and vegan product made with all-natural ingredients.

Who Is This For?

  • Bacon Enthusiasts: Perfect for individuals who adore the smoky, savory flavor of bacon, offering a Sriracha sauce that combines the bold taste of bacon with chili garlic, perfect for adding a unique twist to dishes.
  • Adventurous Flavor Explorers: Ideal for those seeking new and unconventional flavor combinations, providing a sauce that merges the robust taste of bacon with the spicy kick of Sriracha and garlic for an exciting culinary experience.
  • Sriracha Devotees: Great for fans of Sriracha seeking variations on the classic hot sauce, introducing a bacon-infused twist that amplifies the sauce's flavor profile, adding a smoky richness to their favorite condiment.
  • Cooking Creatives and Food Experimenters: Perfect for home cooks and culinary enthusiasts eager to experiment with innovative flavors, offering a versatile sauce to enhance a range of dishes, from breakfast foods to barbecue marinades.
  • Gifting for Unique Tastes: Ideal for gifters seeking a distinctive and flavorful present for friends, family, or colleagues who appreciate unconventional tastes, providing a sauce that stands out with its bacon-infused twist.
Bacon-Flavored Sriracha Chili Garlic Sauce with Bacon Flavoring (Vegan)
  • 1 bottle | 3 bottles | 6 bottles | 12 bottles (full case): 1 bottle

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
cory morris

This stuff is so good. Mixed with sour cream or mayo, or just put on some meat or added in to comeback sauce. Ridiculous.


This sauce is magnificent . For me , perfect combination of ingredients , level of heat , flavoring and taste. So versatile that it just works with about everything .