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What's Unique About Fat Cat?

Fat Cat Gourmet produce gourmet sauces with a kick. Imagine flavor like what you’d find in a hot sauce but presented in a way that lets you actually taste the sauce and your food without burning your tongue. Our goal is to use flavor and heat as complements, so that they can provide unique, exotic, tasty twists to food, instead of just over-whelming flavors with nothing but heat.

Fat Cat Gourmet formed in 2009 and now has more than 15 years working with retail, wholesale and bulk accounts. We are also a Florida brand, proudly produced in Florida and containing as much Florida-sourced ingredients as possible.

Brand Objective

Fat Cat Gourmet’s goal is not to replace or compete directly with better-known spicy food brands like Tabasco or Huy Fong Sriracha but to offer customers a high-quality alternative to them. Spicy foods these days are more than name brands — they’re personal and they’re gourmet!

Brand Vision

Fat Cat Gourmet makes spicy products that focus more on flavor than fire. Their sauces seek a balance between flavor and heat (whereas most products in this category aim only for heat) and many of their products let people try unique peppers without making them regret it. (Ex. Fat Cat’s Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Ghost is a MILD ghost pepper sauce that focuses on the flavor of the chile, not its heat.) That’s why we call them “Gourmet Sauces with a Kick” and not just “hot sauces” — because they’re more than that, they’re true gourmet condiments.

Fat Cat Gourmet’s sauces boast exotic flavors borne from natural ingredients, and they provide customers with something unique instead of something they’ve had a million times before. Their sauces are all natural ingredients and preservative-free and many have won national and regional awards, thanks to their unique flavors and complementing heat levels.

Plus they’re fun, with adorable labels, product names that use hilarious cat puns and an upscale but appealing brand style!

Hot sauce doesn’t have to be serious, after all! But it must be delicious!