About Us

How’s this for a meeting of the minds? Fat Cat Gourmet Foods is the brainchild of husband and wife, Eyal Goldshmid and Deborah Moskowitz. Deborah loves gardening. Eyal (pronounced “Ale,” like the beer) loves cooking and has been making homemade condiments for years. Every year, when Deborah’s garden reached harvest time, Eyal snatched what he could and started cooking. The rest, shall we say, is condiment history.

Today, those homegrown origins are still at the heart of our products. We make sure all of the sauces, condiments, relishes and more come from the freshest ingredients available. One taste, and we think you’ll agree that the extra work is worth it.

Check out our Recipes page for serving ideas and more.

Tiggy the Fat Cat

Deborah and Eyal have a cat named Tiggy (right). When they first got Tiggy, she was small and wiry. But she loved to eat, and little by little Tiggy grew and grew and grew…..

Tiggy peaked at 23 lbs. Not the fattest cat in the world, of course, but certainly large to be noticed when she decided to jump on your head at 5am and demand feeding. While she is no longer with us, we fondly remember the fact that Tiggy’s head has remained small over the years but the rest of her ballooned exponentially. Yikes!

Anyway, one day Deborah and Eyal were watching TV and noticed Tiggy sprawled out over the floor in front of them. The cat’s stomach seemed to take up two-thirds of her actual size — so large that both of them marveled at it.

“Wow, that’s one fat cat!” Deborah said….. and the name of our company was born.