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This one-of-a-kind condiment represents the spirit of the Sunshine State. Featuring ingredients indicative of Florida’s agriculture, this sauce combines tangy, bitter and sour citrus (orange, grapefruit and key lime), sweet orange blossom honey and punchy datil pepper — a unique chili that thrives in St. Augustine. Flip flops and sunglasses not required (but recommended).

BOTTLE SIZE: 5 FL OZ Glass Bottle

STORAGE INFORMATION: Refrigerate after opening

ABOUT: Fat Cat’s award-winning sauces focus on that magical middle ground where flavor and fire meet. They feature exotic flavor combinations, all-natural ingredients and heat levels ranging from mild to super-hot. They are "purr-fect" for grilling, marinating, dipping and more. Many products have also won nationally recognized awards, including the Golden Chile and the Hot Pepper, to name a few.

Tasting Notes

Sweet citrus and thick honey to start, followed by hints of grassy green chile and slight bitterness from grapefruit and datil pepper, with a satisfying medium-heat punch to finish. Very much like a sweet-and-spicy take on a mojo sauce, if you will.

Suggested Uses & Recipes


  • A sweet-n-spicy, flavor-packed complement to seafood, chicken, mojo pork, fish tacos, BBQ and more
  • Pour over avocado toast or on fish tacos
  • Makes a great marinade for chicken, pork, fish and shrimp


Heat Level


SCOVILLE HEAT UNIT RANGE (ESTIMATED): 3000-7000 SHU (dependent on harvests)


Orange Juice from Concentrate, Grapefruit Juice (Water, Grapefruit Juice Concentrate), Pure Cane Sugar, Onions, Orange Blossom Honey, Datil Pepper Mash (Datil Peppers, and Vinegar), Green Bell Peppers, Key Lime Juice from concentrate, Water, Orange Peel, Garlic (Garlic, Water), Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate (as a preservative), Sodium Benzoate (as a Preservative)

A gluten-free and low-sugar product made with all-natural ingredients.

Who Is This For?

  • Citrus Flavor Enthusiasts: Ideal for individuals who enjoy sauces with prominent citrus notes, offering a sauce that beautifully combines sweet citrus flavors with the heat of Datil peppers, creating a unique taste experience.
  • Mojo Sauce Fans: Perfect for those who appreciate the complex and sweet-spicy flavors found in mojo sauces. The sauce complements those same flavors, including mojo pork, chicken and more -- just drizzle on and enjoy. Also perfect for marinades or as a dipping sauce.
  • Florida Cuisine Enthusiasts: Ideal for those interested in flavors inspired by Florida's culinary heritage, presenting a sauce that embodies the region's essence with the use of Datil peppers, showcasing the local pepper's sweet and fiery attributes.
  • Adventurous Palates Exploring Unique Ingredients: Perfect for culinary explorers eager to try unique pepper varieties, providing a sauce that introduces the distinct taste of Datil peppers while offering a harmonious blend of sweet citrus and heat in their meals.
Florida Sauce Citrus and Datil Pepper Blend
  • Multi-bottle: 1 bottle

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