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This red and green sauce two pack, containing one bottle each of our Everyday Red and Everyday Green Jalapeno Hot Sauces, combines our two most versatile sauces, both of which have been crafted to complement a wide variety of everyday foods, from tacos and fried chicken to seafood and sandwiches. They also make great replacements for pepper sauces in recipes too!

And they just happen to be colored red and green, making them purr-fect stocking stuffers for the holiday season or any Tex-Mex food fanatic. Ho ho ho! (The product is known in some circles as a "Christmas Colors" Hot Sauce Two Pack.)

HEAT LEVEL: Mild/Medium

BOTTLE SIZE: 5 oz. glass bottle (2)

Note: Items packed individually, not as a grouped box or set.

ABOUT: Fat Cat’s award-winning sauces focus on that magical middle ground where flavor and fire meet. They feature exotic flavor combinations, all-natural ingredients and heat levels ranging from mild to super-hot. They are "purr-fect" for grilling, marinating, dipping and more. Many products have also won nationally recognized awards, including the Golden Chile and the Hot Pepper, to name a few.

These sauces offer versatility and can enhance a wide range of dishes with their distinct flavors.


  • Taco and Burrito Toppings: These sauces can be excellent toppings for tacos, burritos, or quesadillas. The red sauce might bring a bit of heat, while the green sauce might offer a tangy twist.
  • Marinades for Grilling: Use these sauces as marinades for meats or vegetables before grilling. They can infuse your grilled dishes with unique flavors.
  • Enhance Soups and Stews: Stir these sauces into soups or stews for an added depth of flavor. They can bring a zesty touch to your favorite recipes.
  • Rice and Grain Bowls: Drizzle these sauces over rice or grain bowls to add a burst of flavor. They can elevate simple bowls with their distinct tastes.
  • Sandwich Condiments: Use these sauces as condiments for sandwiches or wraps. They can replace traditional spreads, offering a punchy flavor profile.


  • Versatile Cooks: Great for home chefs seeking flavorful and versatile sauces to complement a wide range of dishes, adding a punch of flavor to everything from grilled meats to salads and dips.
  • Hot Sauce Beginners: Perfect for newcomers to hot sauces, offering a mild yet flavorful green sauce and a slightly spicier red sauce, providing an introduction to different heat levels without overwhelming intensity.
  • Sauce Pairing Enthusiasts: Ideal for individuals who enjoy experimenting with sauce combinations, allowing them to pair the red and green sauces to create unique flavor profiles and enhance various meals.
Everyday Red / Green Jalapeno Two-Pack