5 Bottle Hot Sauce Sampler Variety Pack

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Five Bottle Hot Sauce Sampler Variety Pack

Looking for a little variety when it comes to hot sauce, but don't want to commit to our 9 Sauce Sampler? Then this is your next best option.

While not as expansive as our 9 Sauce Sampler, this bundle still gives you a great overview of our flavors and heat levels and shows off our flavor-forward approach to spicy food and sauces.

The set includes one bottle of each of the following sauces:

  • Strawberry Serrano Hot Sauce (HEAT LEVEL: Mild)
  • Everyday Green Jalapeno Hot Sauce (HEAT LEVEL: Mild)
  • Purry-Purry Sauce (HEAT LEVEL: Medium)
  • Caribbean Curry Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce (HEAT LEVEL: Hot)
  • Cat in Heat: Chipotle-Ghost Pepper Blend (HEAT LEVEL: Very Hot)

Note: If you want to include a different bottle than what's listed above, or want to double up on a specific product, just send us a note about the order during checkout.